In 2009 ACCUSTIC ARTS the World renowned and award winning high end audio brand located in southern Germany, joined forces with the music-production and recording branch of ‘Evolve Studios’ to establish a new audiophile record label ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS( AAAR).
The idea of founding the AAAR label goes back to suggestions of ACCUSTIC ARTS high end customers from all over the world. AAAR consists of Steffen Schunk (producer), Milan Saje (Recording Engineer) and Rasmus Muttscheller (A&R). All three are active in the international music business since decades and sign responsible for the selection of the songs released on AAAR.
Our philosophy at AAAR is to promote audiophile music in a way that appreciates the work of the producers, engineers and musicians putting emphasis on the quality of the recorded music to be released.

May 15, 2009

First Release –

These experts rarely in the spotlight preferring the dim lights of their studios over the hype and publicity that dominates the music world today, yet it is these people and their production/recording knowledge, experience and skills which are the true basis of any outstanding piece of music. Putting emphasis and focus on these masterminds of music is also the basic idea of the first in the series, <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD>.

The detailed and high quality large fortmat booklet offers a look behind the scenes. The produces and engineers themselves get a word describing the production technology they use as well as providing same background information on the referring songs.

With the first release of <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> the focus lays on instrumental songs. All songs have been recorded within the last 20 years and have been selected in several auditions and listening sessions. The styles include World Music, New Age and Jazz.

May 10, 2010

Second Release –


It was in fact a small experiment when in 2009 the record Label ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDING was founded. Yet one year later with the issue of <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> Vol. 2 it is clear that the experiment has succeeded. There are many music lovers who appreciate our compilation series dedicated to the audiophile work of producers, audio engineers and musicians. We are very happy about the positive feedback of the first volume and have decided to carry
on with Volume 2.

Where volume 1 included 13 instrumental tracks, with Volume 2 we now present a total of 15 different, excellent recordings with the focus on the female voice. Thus volume 2 features voices of 15 female singers from Europe and the US. The voices are all different and yet they have something in common: the tracks have a high musical and excellent sound quality. Along with a number of well-known names, there are also singers on the CD who are mostly unknown to the listener. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the recordings, just as we were in the course of our extensive research and pre-listening activities.

May 2, 2012

Third Release –


2009 saw the start with instrumental titles for the first compilation. Vol. 2 then included female vocals. So now it is only logical for us to dedicate Vol. 3 to male vocals. This is partly the consequence of the extensive feedback received after Vol. 2.
The majority of the fans of our new compilation series <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> were also keen to hear male vocals. And that is now possible in the usual top quality for audiophiles. We have taken some time to select the titles. We refrained from using well-known sources, but consciously decided to give unknown names a chance. We have also repeatedly listened to the recommendations of sound engineers. The result is a selection of recordings we remain enthusiastic about even after many listening sessions. We are proud that <UNCOMPRESSED WORLD> is distributed in over 35 countries, mainly via the high end audio trade. And we are curious to know how you will like our selection. Write to us! Send your feedback to, not least because we will need your help again for Vol. 4.

May 09, 2013

Fourth Release –


A complete compilation dedicated to a single instrument? Would that work? These were our initial thoughts at the beginning of 2012 as we started work on “Uncompressed World Vol. IV”.

And: which solo instrument should we even take? Well here we agreed quite quickly on the piano. The question of whether one can dedicate a complete compilation just to solo piano is yes, you can. In fact it works really well. This is because no two pianos are the same, whether Steinway, Grotrian-Steinweg, Bösendorfer, or Yamaha. Each manufacturer of pianos has its own philosophy. Further differences are the various interpretations of the players and the recording technology used by the recording engineer. In any case, experts describe the recording of a piano as the ultimate discipline in studio miking. The background here is that a grand piano has a very wide frequency range (with resonant frequencies of the strings in the range of 27.5 to 4200 Hz and with harmonic waves up to 12 kHz) and also a very wide dynamic range. Another decisive point is whether the instrument is situated alone in a large concert hall or fills the
space of a small recording studio. Where are the microphones positioned during the recording? Classical recordings in particular place the microphones a large distance away from the instrument. The resulting acoustic pattern is indirect, with a great deal of space present. Others place the microphones very close to the source where the sound is generated. The result is an intimate sound which includes all the ambient noise. The hammer and pedal are clearly audible.

And you might find it hard to believe, but canned piano music has found its way into our compilation. Sampled sound, played on a midi keyboard, and edited on a laptop. Our recommendation: before reading the booklet, first of all listen carefully to the CD, track by track. Try to find out which track was not played with a “real” piano. We wish you lots of fun during the search and even more fun with the audio journey through the Uncompressed World of the audiophile solo piano.

February 16, 2015

Fifth Release -


It is a relatively modern instrument and quite a strange one at that. It was invented in the year 1840 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax and then patented six years later in France.

An instrument made of metal. Despite this, it does not belong to the family of brass instruments. Its sister is not the trumpet, tuba or trombone. It is the clarinet, a wood wind instrument. Its relationship to the clarinet is explained by the way the sound is generated. In both instruments a reed is responsible for the sound.

But that is all the two instruments have in common. The different age of the instruments is also considerable, as the clarinet was already invented 140 years before the saxophone. The saxophone first became famous for its use in Jazz. And something else: there is not just one saxophone. In fact there are more than 10 variations. From big to small. From bass to tenor saxophone and from alto to sopranino saxophone. They all sound different.

And if there was only a single type of saxophone it would sound different with every musician. That is the fascinating point about this instrument.


In our small anniversary issue UNCOMPRESSED WORLD Vol. V we have tried to capture this variety of sound. Many months were spent in the selection and combination of suitable artists and recordings.The result is a collage of outstanding quality in every piece. Just relax and enjoy the full range of possibilities the saxophone offers.

December 15, 2015


UNCOMPRESSED WORLD VOL. 2 now available!
180 g. double vinyl with elaborate high quality implemented booklet.









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